Reach New Heights

This attraction is like nothing you have seen before. This augmented reality combines motion tracking and projected graphics to turn an ordinary activity in to a real-life video game.

Get transported to another world!

Combine video games with physical activities.

This attraction is for kids and adults alike. It provides thrilling experiences for beginners and experts alike. This immersive game makes any players feel like a superhero.

Unforgettable Fun!

Game Titles

Click the Titles to preview the gameplay.

Hullaballoon – Can you pop the most balloons in the time limit? This game allows for single player as well as up to four friends to compete to see who can pop the most!

Shadowlings – Using your shadow you are tasked to move the shadowlings to their magical rainbow portal in the time allowed. Choose from easy levels for beginners to challenging levels for shadowling masters.

Flash – How fast can you climb? Find out playing this route based speed challenge. There are multiple levels to try. How many records can you set?

Whack-A-Bat – Follow the bats across the screen smacking them with your hand or foot until the timer hits zero. How long can you endure?

Sparks – A trip from point to point across this wall should be no problem, right? Wrong! In Sparks, you must navigate from the start to the finish, while avoiding being zapped by the current. Varying levels of difficulty available for all climbers.

Climball – Do you like Pong or Air Hockey? This game turns you into a paddle. Play against your friends to see who can be the first to score twice and earn a victory!

Astromania – The earth is in need of your protection as asteroids bombard from all directions. Humanity is counting on you. How long can you stave off Earth’s fiery doom? Find out in Astromania!

Axe Throwing

VR Gaming

Climbing Wall

Bumper Cars


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